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etereamemorial Personalized jewelry designs to commemorate your loved ones in a unique and timeless keepsake. Launching Fall 2019! 🌟🙌🏻
noman_3505 Love to choose my own decision and the most important point is that I like most about to working such small fields that make me happy most.
calvinsmind Based in New York, NY Co-Founder @aspirationiv Director of Digital Marketing @noise Advisor @soargaming
cmcastelli Christina Castelli
petezbro ?? in Vancouver, BC.
_louste ?? currently in ?? Co-founder and CMO of FAQtr - the blog that gets you.

"When a loved one passes, it's difficult to find the best way to honor their memory. Our lives are not so simple anymore and family members can be thousands of miles apart. Our memorial pendants are designed with your lifestyle in mind."

Eterea Memorial came to life after the founders both experienced the loss of one of their close relatives. Both felt that the funeral industry was archaic, impersonal, and overpriced. They looked for a way to honor their loved ones that fit with their modern lifestyle. With a growing number of people forgoing the traditional funeral ceremony in preference of a celebration of life, there is also a need to change how people commemorate one's body after death. Cremation has recently become a more popular option over burial, but many people are often left unsure of what to do with the cremated remains of their loved ones. Eterea Memorial jewelry provides a meaningful way to memorialize loved ones requiring only a small commitment of ashes. Our pendants are made with the highest quality materials, completely customizable, and laser welded for a guaranteed seal. More details at https://etereamemorial.com/

Digital Marketing : A new trend of Micro-Moments.

A few years back, digital marketing was not a common phenomenon for the marketing pupil. Now, digital marketing is common among us. Each and every business entity wants to do digital marketing so that they can boost up their online presence. But it’s not the last word for market researcher. A new trend is growing that is known as Micro-Moments. A trending hashtag in digital marketing circles, #micromoments emerged in a Google AdWords study earlier this year. It found that searches on mobile devices already outnumber desktop searches in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan. The Business world is going to use this new trend. People normally spend most of their time on smartphones. And they are not interested to search through the full process so they choose to search by direct questions. The way to seize the micro moment Now time to say goodbye to the linear consumer journey. It’s time to get acquainted with the idea that what used to be a linear sequence of milestones is increasingly becoming a "Choose Your Own Adventure" of mobile-powered customers. 1. Provide small steps towards Big Goals- Marketers can guide the way with SEO optimized content with right AdWords to match specific search .Take the Big Picture perspective and attain a thorough understanding of what your customers want and need inside of the micro-moments you’ve identified. Whether it’s designing new product features or providing location-based, real-time content, the emphasis should be on delivering a customer-centric user experience that feels real, relevant and personal – with all the small steps toward completing the Big Picture. 2. Optimize for mobile- It’s essential to understand how your brand experience holds up across channels—is it a seamless journey across screens, covering various points in the conversion funnel? Make sure you have the right technology support partner to give the overall audience a better experience. According to Google 66% of smartphone users research products they saw on TV with their phones. In this broad playing field, data-driven, omnichannel marketing solutions offer a host of innovative products and features to help track on-line behavior and capture the data that matters.

"A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have."

I usually avoid “motivational quotes” because I generally believe that they’re made up of “fluff” and don’t contain any real substance; however, in this case, I firmly agree with the thesis: If you’re willing to have meaningful conversations that other people tend to avoid, I genuinely believe that you’ll be much better off down the line. Not only does this often prove to be true in business, but I think it also translates well in our personal lives when it comes to relationships.

SOIL is the Climate Solution (Kiss the Ground)

Did you know that a leaf is usually 20 degrees cooler than a green piece of paper, and up to 50-60 degrees cooler than bare soil? Did you know that plants SHARE their sugars with the soil to help support the organisms in the soil and keep it alive and aerated? Did you know that you can easily rebuild topsoil? Did you know that cows aren't necessarily bad for the environment, if you implement planned grazing? Did you know that you can run a farm in a way that REGENERATES the soil, AND improves yield and saves costs on fertilizer and other external interventions? Did you know that the ground is an underutilized carbon sink, and there is more carbon sequestered in the soil (i.e. the "pedospere") than in the atmosphere AND the biosphere COMBINED? Now I do, and now you do too! Over the past two weeks, I've been taking a course with the organization "Kiss the Ground" (on a platform called Commune - www.onecommune.com) where I've very quickly been convinced that SOIL is the solution to global climate change. What we thought we knew about how the ground works in the 60s and 70s now seems to be totally incomplete and misguided - and we can see the results in the global loss of topsoil and disappearing sources of clean water. It really gives me hope that we're not too far gone - that there are REGENERATIVE practices that can help us not just sustain our compromised environments, but actually IMPROVE them. And to do it in a way that is economically viable, and doesn't require people to lose out on profits but actually encourages even more functional farms!

The hard way isn't always the best way.

Choosing to do things the easy way instead of the hard way. It's mainly an experiment to see if being easier on myself and putting less pressure on myself to do things "perfectly" makes me happier in general. It's weird. I've noticed so many differences and am noticing new ones all the time. For instance, applying this idea to my work (deciding to be okay with producing a "pretty good" product instead of a perfect one) has done 3 things: 1. I get the work done much faster. 2. Because I get it done faster, I enjoy it more. 3. Because I enjoy it more, the quality of my work actually INCREASES instead of decreases... super counterintuitive. I have some rigid principles that I follow just for the sake of following principles. Like "I can't allow myself to forget to respond to someone's text message," or "I can't smoke weed in the morning." I do a lot of things because I feel like I should, and not because I genuinely want to in the moment. I think those principles served me in the past, but they don't serve me anymore in the extreme way that I apply them, so it's time to start questioning them and seeing what the result is. The hard part is becoming aware of every little instance where I'm choosing "should" over "want" — so it's not a matter of making one big decision to let go of perfection... it's lots of small decisions that will compound to create a big change in my life overall.

Why My Stories Matter More Than My Photos

Today, I learned that my stories matter more than my photos. We live in a world where people are obsessed with photos from our last trip, brunch or concert... instead of sharing impressions, personal experiences or feelings about the places we've explored. I moved to Melbourne for work and stayed there for 2 years. I had a blast there, met incredible people, worked with brilliant coworkers and explored sick places (Tasmania deserves to be visited once in a lifetime!) When I came back from Australia, I threw a party to reconnect with a few friends. We were having drinks at my favorite bar when someone asked me about my last trip to Tasmania. I grabbed my phone, opened my Instagram app and commented on my gallery… That's when it hit me: instead of telling stories, perspectives and personal impressions, I was basically captioning my Instagram feed. It was sad because I could have done the same with photos from Google Images or Flickr. Photos are great at what they are supposed to do: illustrate stories. Words give a perspective that images cannot match. When people ask you questions about a destination you've explored, ask yourself: “What made this trip special to me?”. It’s very likely that your answer to that question will please your audience.