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The One-Stop Shop to hire a handyman (and handywoman)

I’m really excited about this new startup I’ve been working on for the past 6 months : say hi to QuickFixer. A marketplace where you can hire handymen to help you with mundane tasks such as fixing your downspout, painting your front gate, fixing that leaky sink or changing your air-conditioner filters. Like a lot of people, I’ve got a collection of tasks around my house that require my full attention. But for multiple reasons, I just procrastinate and end up not doing anything. On top of that: I just suck at these tasks. I’ll end up spending hours on Youtube trying to learn how to deal with these tasks that could have been taken on by people who know what they are doing. One day, the leaking sink I was supposed to work on for months, literally exploded and I had to call a plumber to fix this. That cost me $1,250! The worst thing is that I could have avoided that situation, simply by fixing the problem wen it was small. That’s when I told myself: « never again ». Makers from everywhere: always put yourself in the shoes of your users. If you have never experienced the problems of your main users, well, try to experience it. Or mimic the most common situations your main users are facing. That’s so important to develop a product that’s viable.

This is the solution to grow your startup

I’ve always helped young startups with my marketing skills. As a former head of growth, marketing director and CMO, I’ve been focused on bringing my marketing experience to startups who had the ambition to go global. That’s why I decided to launch GrowthMindz - a remote team of startup badasses that offer Interim CMO solutions for early-stage startups. After dozens of projects, I’ve found that when startups are trying to close their funding rounds, they are also dealing with a lot of issues (growth issues mostly such as: PR, office expansion, internationalization or hiring). During that time, Growth and Marketing dangerously stagnate and that often lead to burning too much cash and see the end of the tunnel too fast. My growth initiatives helped the companies I’ve worked for go past that stagnation period. Once they did, I'd then help them to train and handover everything I've done for the new gal (or guy), but there’s been one problem — I’m just one person. Working for more than 15 years in the startup world, I’ve come to realize that partnering with other startup marketing veterans that I personally vet, joining forces remotely, to be a team of "superheroes" for hyper-growth tech startups was the best way to scale faster and stronger. That’s why I created GrowthMindz Entrepreneurs, this is what you need to know: the startup life is extremely demanding, you’ll end up struggling more than you’ve ever struggled in your life. But at the same time, you’ll experience true freedom, countless lessons you will learn in a few weeks and make lifelong connections.

Why I am working on a collaborative solution for designers

I currently work on an app that help design teams to work collaboratively on mock ups. We want to bring the collaborative experience of Google Suite app to the world of UX / UI design. The reason why I started working on this is that, in the creative world, collaboration is almost a swear word. Designers work individually on their own project and end up iterating on 20 versions of the same idea because of a lack of feedback at every stage of the creative process. We want to fix that. This idea came to my mind when I was working in a design agency with a team of 23 designers. We realized that when we were working for more than 5 clients at a time, the productivity of the agency would shrink because of a lack of communication and, ultimately a lack of collaboration. That’s when I had the idea to work on this collaborative mock up software with a friend of mine who happened to be a developer. I think that anyone who wants to follow the entrepreneurial should always keep in mind their ultimate vision. You can’t wake up every day if you don’t have a vision of what you want to solve. The bigger picture / strategy is as important as the day-to-day work.

How I Quit My Job and Booked a One-way Ticket to Colombia

I’ve quit my job and decided to take a gap year to travel in South America. And… I don’t have any return tickets ? For the past year, I realized that I wasn’t learning anything at my job. I was just doing repetitive tasks for a business that I didn’t care about, in a city that I didn’t enjoy that much. My friends noticed that a lot of my sentences started like this: « I wish I were… ». They told me that I didn’t look happy… and they were right! A week after this realization, I walked in my boss’ office and gave him my notice. When I got back to my desk, I booked a one-way ticket to Colombia. I was so relieved when I gave my notice. I was really at the end of a cycle at this company and I was getting sick of my hometown. Besides that, I really wanted to go on a big trip for a long time. My bucket list was getting full of exotic destinations and I wasn’t acting on it. Now I’m actively working on that ? That said, I know I’m gonna need to work / volunteer in South America if I want to travel for a year because I haven’t made that much money to afford such an ambitious trip. I’m scared about that part because my Spanish and Portuguese are really limited. But I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to be useful to a hostel or a charity. I learned to listen to my guts and to my friends. When your friends tell you that you don’t look happy, it’s probably because you need to do something to change that. If like me, you’re a planner, you might be terrified by making the jump without organizing anything. But, trust me, when you make the decision and officially break it to your friends, your brain automatically switches on « SURVIVAL MODE ». It’s all about your mentality, not skills.