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Writing is a Marathon That Never Ends

I’ve been working for the past 2 years on a medieval fantasy book and I’m getting close to finish it which is so exciting! I’ve always been a big fan of medieval stories. I’ve read hundreds of books about it: fiction, non-fiction, biographies, memoirs and art books. 2 years ago, I started to play that video game called Kingdom Come Deliverance. This game got me addicted. I’ve played literally days on this. I was so infatuated by the plot that I told myself: « I can write something like that! Let’s get to work now! » I’ve been trying to get published several times in the past with some writing projects that were mediocre if I have to be honest. The most scary part about this book I’m writing is not finding readership I’d say. When I struggle to finish a chapter, I tell myself: « Is it something worth my time? ». Eventually, I realized that I could get self-published if I really wanted this story to be out. To every writer who is about to begin a big project, make sure you write at least 3-5 hours a day. Sometimes you’ll find yourself struggling to write 10 words and the temptation is big to give up. But you shouldn’t. The hours you put in are more important than the word count, trust me on this.

You Don't Need to Invent a Story... You Are THE Story!

If there is a magic in story writing, I am convinced that it comes to who writes the story than rather what is it about. The point being that the story doesn’t count that much, it’s more bout the urge to tell your story. This is the biggest advice I’d give to anyone who wants to become a writer: you cannily tell a good story if you care enough about it to it justice. No matter what type of stories you’re writing: an epic novel, a blog post about your last trip to Costa Rica or simply finding the words to entertain a friend over coffee. If you don’t feel the story, there is no way you can tell it well. If you « feel » your story, you can be sure that it’ll be worth someone’s time. Because any story is worth telling. As long as you WANT to talk about it. You don’t need to invent the story, you are the story. Just look a little deeper.