A personal microBlog for all your short stories

Like FAQtr, blog easily about your life experiences.

What is a microBlog?

A microBlog is a light and instant personal blog where anyone can quickly publish short pieces of content, quick thoughts or ideas. It’s intended to be fast and easy to use, light and effortless to maintain. A microBlog is perfect for writing short stories that are instantly accessible online by everyone. The purpose of a microblog is to make it easy for everyone to write and share content. Blogging on traditional platforms is hard. On the contrary, with a microblog, you should share any content that you want, it can be as short or as long as you want. We think a great subject to write on your microblog is about your life experience. All your experiences and life learnings are unique and are worth sharing. Everyone can learn from your stories. We wanted to go even further with our microblog platform and help people write their content. We know that blogging takes a lot of time and efforts on other platforms, so FAQtr wants to simplify writing and make it easier for everyone.