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6 Microblogging Sites to Use for Your Content Strategy


Reddit is known as "the front page of the internet". Even if appears less popular than other microblogging sites, Reddit gathers an impressive community of 541 million users who can vote up and down other members' content. Posts - such as short-text posts, photos, GIFs or videos - are organized in topics called subreddits. Reddit users are the only ones who decide what content on the Internet is worth sharing and what isn't. This is the perfect place to kickstart a conversation about your pet projects, passions or your personal impressions. Pro Tip: even if Reddit can be an amazing source of traffic, don't use it for self-promotion. Reddit users hate it. Instead, engage with your niche audience via posts, comments or direct chat. You can eventually run ads.


Writing about your travels can be pretty frustrating if you don't want to start a blog or enter a popularity contest on Instagram. The same goes for a lot of topics: you probably don't want to comment on the hiccups of your startup on LinkedIn or Medium.  FAQtr wants to change this by providing you with a lightweight microblog. It allows you to share your personal experiences and stories. The main difference with the other microblogging sites is that you don't need to build your audience with hashtags, boards or eye-catching content. FAQtr has an AI that brings readers to your stories, based on their interests. Focus on writing and publish, FAQtr does the rest.  Pro Tip: FAQtr automatically brings readers to all your posts. Besides writing new stories, you can also import your previous posts. They'll likely get a traffic boost.


Twitter is the most popular microblogging site around - 321 million users worldwide. Its popularity is due to the ability to track and comment on real-time events. Entrepreneurs often use Twitter to stay in touch with what's happening in their industry. On Twitter, your short posts - or Tweets - consist of 280-character updates. It can include text, links, photos, videos, audio and GIFs. Pro Tip: Jump on a relevant Trending Topic. Find and engage with the community of your industry by (re)tweeting and commenting popular threads.


With Twitter, Tumblr is the most popular microblogging site where you can publish short-form posts - mostly images and GIFs but also text or videos. When you follow other blogs on Tumblr, their posts will show up in your dashboard. You can also reblog other blogs' posts on your own blog. Pro tip: like any other microblogging platform, the more you interact with the community, the better your brand will get recognized. Like, reblog and comment on individual posts to be seen. You can also send private messages to specific users.


Pinterest is a visual microblog used by 261 million users worldwide. The short stories you post there are called Pins. You can group them in Boards - these are collections of pictures, travel bucket lists or favorite recipes. People love to use Pinterest because it's a great source of inspiration. Pro tip: Set up beautiful and engaging boards to attract some eyeballs and make sure you create and publish pins at least 5 times a day. For each board you create, always ask yourself: "how is it useful for my readers?".


Instagram is a microblogging site dedicated to beautiful pictures and used by a billion monthly users. You can caption each of your pictures or videos with a limit of 2,200 characters or post 15-second Instagram stories. As in Twitter, people can use hashtags to make their content discoverable by other people. You can also discover new content based off popular topics, follow people and send messages to your friends or comment on posts. Pro Tip: Your Instagram Bio is literally a landing page for your brand. Optimize it to increase your traffic coming from Instagram to your page.