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Why we wake up every morning and what drives us to build FAQtr

we know that today's internet suffers from a few hiccups. The world has never been so connected through the internet. We all love it, but that said, we see a lot of hiccups. Search engines and their opaqe rules are making individuals compete with multi-million dollars company to appear on page 1 of search results. Marketers content outrank user-generated content on most occasions. Once a way to connect people, social media is now the place where influencers thrive for attention.We can’t help but notice that our feeds are slowly making sponsored posts more prominent than genuine experiences and authentic perspectives. People realize now the full scale of how much companies have been harvesting their data. And feeds are full of opinions controled by an agenda, a trend or a marketing purpose. FAQtr's vision is a tribute to this big ol' web. But it wasn’t always like that. Before the rise of ads and content marketing, the internet was a place where: - we could be ourselves and express our authentic views easily with a dead simple web page - we had full ownership and control over our data and the content we produced, - we could learn from each other We want to empower everyday people by allowing anyone to quickly share their unique experiences, thoughts, ideas and stories... without worrying about likes, keywords, SEO or ads. Say hi to your personal microBlog! Your microBlog is your personal space to share your personal experience, your short stories and your big ideas, so anyone can read your story and learn from you. We've created a free publishing tool that lets you write your unique experiences and short stories, or any content that don't abide by SEO guidelines. Write authentic stories without thinking about word counts or keyword research. What matters is what you have to say, not how well it will rank out there. Your microBlog has been designed to be light, snappy and personal.

It’s your life companion: it's adapted to your lifestyle while respecting your privacy. Blogs played that role once but they failed to adapt to the versatility and flexibility of the Millennial lifestyle. Your microblog allows you share your personal experiences and your short stories from anywhere at anytime. Your microBlog is to be read by people who want to learn from you. Our algorithm introduces your short stories to readers, based on their interests. You don't need to find and grow your audience or promote your content to readers. Write and inspire, we do the rest, it’s as simple as that.