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How to promote your blog with FAQtr?

Starting a blog is quite an achievement. Your life is full of adventures, learnings and stories you want to share with the world. You choose a blogging platform, find a title, design a logo and start jotting some words for your first post… A few posts later, you get frustrated: your audience doesn’t grow as much as you’d like. So you start learning about guest posting, Domain Authority, link building and eventually Instagram ads. But it’s time-consuming. That’s why we’ve created FAQtr What’s FAQtr? FAQtr is your personal microblog for your unique experiences and stories. People from all around the world can learn from you by reading your microblog. Since its launch in Sept 2018, FAQtr powers more than 500+ bloggers who have published 1,800+ posts. Like many microblogging sites, you can share your blog posts on FAQtr. Since your profile is linked to your blog, your microposts helps you get traffic for your main blog. But, unlike other microblogging apps, you don’t need to build your audience on FAQtr. Our algorithm automatically brings readers to your post, based on their interests. Although it’s become the main publishing tool for more than 500+ bloggers, FAQtr can also turn into your blog’s main distribution channel. It is pretty powerful because you can still write and publish on your blog for your existing audience… and expand your readership on FAQtr. How to feature your blog on FAQtr? There are several ways to feature your blog on FAQtr. - Publish a shorter version of your blog posts Let’s say you wrote a long article about a 7-day itinerary in Greece. In this post, you have mentioned several hotels, restaurants and tour companies. You can write a short version of that post on FAQtr (for example, a list of all the favorite places you’ve explored, a tip or a personal recommendation). It only takes a few minutes of your time since you don’t have to rewrite anything. And you get to help thousands of travelers on FAQtr who are preparing their next trip to Greece. - Publish a micro post that completes your main blog post. You published a long article about your 4-week trip in Patagonia focusing exclusively on the best hikes and treks. But what about the best food you’ve tasted there? Publish a post on FAQtr about the best food options you can get. A simple list of your personal recommendations can help thousands of foodies who are ready to get lost in South America… And ready to read your blog ;) - Import your post directly from your blog Even though publishing a new post only takes minutes on FAQtr, you might want to simply import your existing blog posts. You’ve already worked hard on your long articles, now is the time to promote them! Simply copy and paste your blog posts, we’ll make sure to bring readers to your content on FAQtr. How does it work? You might wonder: « How does posting on FAQtr help my blog’s traffic? ». We hear you! Here’s why posting on FAQtr helps your blog’s traffic: - All the posts on FAQtr appear on your microblog, on stories pages and can be curated by the FAQtr staff in our weekly picks. - Your microposts gives visibility to your profile which is linked to your main blog. Readers who have found your experiences, recommendations or stories helpful will definitely connect with you and your blog. - All the posts you publish on FAQtr are indexed on search engines making them searchable and findable by your audience. Is there a better reward for your blog than getting a prime spot on Google?! Give your blog some eyeballs now! FAQtr is a hassle-free publishing tool built for quick post creation and fast sharing. But its advanced algorithm is particularly appealing for bloggers who have spent too much time on building a blog for little to no reward. That’s why we’ve worked hard to give your blog the visibility it deserves with your microblog. See it for yourself: publish your first story in under 2 minutes!