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I'm currently packing for a 2-week trip in Uganda starting in Kampala. What essentials should I bring?

In Uganda, right now is a hot season. You need to see quite a number of things to pack, as follows. Pack some shorts for yourself, some sun glasses, insect repellents, good boat in case your going to do gorilla safaris, you will need a hut to protect yourself from the scotching sun, you have to pack some long sleeved shirts and trousers to use, however, but nature like colors, thus green, brown etc. You will need also pack some light clothing as it may get too hot, especially on the savannah packs. you do not have to carry a lot as if your shifting for good. however, Uganda is a very lovely place to be. You will totally love it. Get in touch in case you need more help or safari planning.

Tour Operator based in Uganda. I have a bachelor degree in tourism and an international diploma in AITA. I do organize tours within East Africa. Kampala, Uganda

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