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Is it worth the cost to go to Antarctica? It will take about $10K plus to purchase a slot on one of the few boats that venture to this continent.

I paid about £7,500 for a trip which included fllghts to and from London, a couple of nights in Montevideo on the way out, 16 nights on the boat with stops at Puerto Madryn, 3 days at the Falkland Islands including landing on two of the outlying Islands and time in Stanley, 5 days in Antarctica, and a flight back from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires where we stayed a couple of nights before returning home. Breakfast as provided in the hotels and all food and unlimited tea and coffee was provided on the boat. There were a series of top class lectures on board as well as other entertainment.<br>You could spend a good deal more with excursions, camping in Antarctica, photography course, snowshoe expedition, kayaking, whale watching trips, penguin excursions and the rest. <br><br>You could spend money on the up market restaurant on board, souvenirs, beer and wine, and other extras, but you don't need to. <br><br>Our trip in Antarctica was cut short by bad weather, but we had a diversion to round Cape Horn and an extra day in Ushuaia, where they provided a trip to the Tierra Del Fuego National Park. It is by a distance the most expensive trip I have ever taken and it was worth every penny. I saw whales, orca, penguins and seals as well as a stack of birds.<br><br>I saw Elephant Island, entered the caldera of an active volcano and walked on the continent. I saw one of the biggest icebergs in the world (A68A).<br><br>I tried great beers in all the places we stayed and went to see River Plate v Wanderers football game in Montevideo. <br><br>Was it worth it? Every penny. I have been on great trips before but always thought that one day I might go back, however unrealistic, but this time I know I have seen things that few in the world will see, and that I will never see them again.<br><br>I also have an official Hurtigruten Storm Certificate for experiencing hurricane force winds and 10m waves in the Drake Passage.

I know I can fly!

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