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What are the best things to visit in Hong Kong during a 5-day trip?

here are many aspects of Hong Kong, and it really depends on individual preferences. <br><br>The most ‘tourist things’ are the Peak, the Victoria Harbour area, which are the icons of Hong Kong.<br><br>Next, the Central District, Causeway Bay (shopping) and Tsim-Sha-Tsui area which is the centre easy reach parts of Hong Kong.<br><br>Repulse Bay and Stanley are easy reach Bay areas in the Hong Kong island.<br><br>Other places are: Lan Kwai Fong, Ocean Park, Mong Kwok (Ladies Street), Sai Kong Pier (Sea foods + boat rides) … tourist spots you can look up in the internet rather than me writing too much.<br><br>Then you might like spending half a day walking up/down the stair-streets (Hong Kong is actually hilly and the “flat” ground actually from reclamation) in Hong Kong Island, there is also a series of elevators from Central to mid-level area which you do not see any where else.<br><br>Anyway, without me writing too much, above a quick introduction but you need further studies by following up with more internet search (at least I had provided ‘key words’ for you!)

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