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What should I know about Ijen Crater In East Java, Indonesia?

If you are interested to follow Bali-Bromo tour, there is a site within the line to be visited. It is Ijen Crater. Ijen Crater, as the name, is a crater located on the top of Mount Ijen. The crater was built with the depth for around 200 meters and width for 5,466 hectares. Of course, there are many reasons why this area is special and even worthy to go for. Although it is probably not as popular as Bali or Bromo, it has some fascinating facts to know. What are they? Strategic Location The crated is between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi Districts in East Java. Banyuwangi itself is the edge of Java, next to Bali. It means that the trip from Bali to Ijen Crater is relatively short and fast. That’s why, any tour package whether from Bromo to Bali or from Bali to Bromo must include Ijen as the destination. Blue Fire Based on some surveys conducted by local people, the main reason of tourists to visit Ijen Crater is due to the Blue Fire. Blue fire is natural flame on the land coming from the earth. It is not dangerous at all, surely when you see it from certain distance. Besides, the blue flame is stunning and beautiful and not easily found in other places. On this earth, there are only two spots with blue fire; they are Ijen and a particular area on Iceland. To reach this area, you should climb at first as it is located on the height of 2,443 from sea level. Unfortunately, you cannot see the blue fire all the time. The flame is on the top of its beauty starting from 02.00 to 03.00 am. Awesome Ijen’s Sunrise Another moment to be experienced there is the sunrise. It is supported by landscape around which is also really wonderful. However, there are indeed efforts to enjoy sunrise here. Make sure to wake up really early in the morning and even midnight. Yes, after finishing watching Blue Fire at 03.00 in the morning, you can continue your trip by going to the sunrise area. Just wait for a moment until the dawn. In the morning, just climb down and take a rest in the hotel or homestay before going to the next destination. Coffee Tourism This tourism spot is still relatively new. Undeniably, some areas in Indonesia are indeed famous for its coffee. Well, one of them can just be found in the area of Lerek, Banyuwangi, right on the area of Bromo’s slope. The typical coffee breed here is Robusta. For you the coffee lovers don’t miss it as you can enjoy a cup of coffee while being in the middle of plantation. Do you want to have more experiences? The tourists are allowed to pick the coffee beans by themselves before they are processed and brewed into the delicious beverage. Traditional Cart If in other places you may go anywhere with taxi, bus, and other transportation with engine, traditional cart is still used here. Then, there are local people in which the jobs are to pull this cart. Of course, there is already fixed tariff and you should not be surprised if it is a little bit expensive. The cart pullers need to spend their energy as well. Traditional Mining Not only enjoying the scenery, you can also see the activities of local people. They are traditional miners. The miners commonly go down to the crater to collect sulfur chunks. Uniquely, they still do it in very conventional ways without using machine and modern technology. Since they are really capable to do that, this job is not dangerous for them. Havid / Dukun gunung

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