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How to visit Italy the right way

1. Don’t try to do it all. Rome is too big to do everything in a few days. And since you'll walk a lot, accept the fact that you'll only see very few things from the city. 2. Eat where locals go, and avoid the touts at all costs. Don't trust waiters standing outside a cafe calling out for the best food. Usually, it means that you'll be overcharged for a 'okayish' meal. Get lost in the small streets away from the monuments and eat where the locals go. And eat the regional specialities. It goes without saying that eating a napolitan pizza in Rome is probably a huge mistake... 3. Buy one of the city-based discount cards. The “Roma Pass” gave me priority entry to the Colosseum, instead of waiting for an hour in the queue + free admission to a few must-visit places. (easily an hour-long queue even in low season when we were there) and free admission to a number of other places around the city. Same in Venice, the city-based discount card is a must-have (free trip on the vaporetti). 4. Don't trust too much public transport timetables. Maybe I was very unlucky but when I was in Rome, I think most of the trains and buses I took where 30-to-45-minute late.

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