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Packing tips to hike in Torres del Paine

- Backpack (55L) - A solid tent. Any tents with stakes are good. - Sleeping bag & sleeping pad - Hiking boots (real ones, not your sneakers you use at the gym as they'll get soaked in rainy days. - Clothes (2 short-sleeve shirts, 2 long-sleeve shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 shorts, 4 pairs of socks + underwear) - Rain jacket + Rain pants (for rain and wind) - Lots of dry food (dehydrated meals, quinoa, oatmeal, granola bars, chocolate) - Camping stove/lighter - Gas (you'll find them in Puerto Natales at any supermarkets) - Toiletries - First-aid kit - Chilean Pesos (hostels, park entrance fees, reservations and to buy a chocolate bar for your last day on the 'O' trek ;) - Campsite reservations + passport — they ask to see this at every campsite when you check in; you can’t just tell them your name! It’s nice to pack this in an easy-to-access place at the top of your pack.

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