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What to expect if you hike Torres del Paine in Patagonia

- Torres Del Paine is one of most popular trek in the world. You'll always meet people at campsites. But, you'll often find yourself alone in your 8-hour of daily hike. - 15 km a day will be the norm for 7 days straight so be prepared for that - 15 kg in your backpack. Go to the gym for a few weeks before the trip ;) - Weather can be surprising. You could have all 4 seasons in one day. Be prepared for that, pack some rain clothes. That said, I can confidently say this: it's not THAT difficult. I'm fairly active but I don't consider myself sportsy (I go to the gym once a week...on good weeks). Prepare for the worst (in terms of weather changes), prepare to observe the most amazing landscapes you'll ever see in a lifetime and that should do.

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