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'm curious, what were the 3 things you liked the most during your trip to Lamanai ?

I loved Belize, so it’s hard to say, but here’s what I’ve got: 1.) The culture there displayed so much history, not only at the Mayan ruins, but also the environment all around, the homes, shops, restaurants... it shows you a different world than we are used to here in America, especially in the Chicago area. The colors are more vivid, the people seem more lively. Even though parts of the country look like what some would consider somewhat shambles, I could not find more beauty in it... I guess character would be a way to sum it up in a single word. 2.) I am a HUGE fan of the jungle! Not only are animals my passion in life, but the exotic plants are stunning, and trees at such heights are astonishing. Being in the jungle, standing on top of the Mayan ruins, seeing the world in its true, natural habitat-atleast what’s left of it-looking over what seemed like an infinite stretch of trees, vines, leaves, blue sky; where it appeared as if you were amongst the clouds and the sun may never set; listening to the noises-the birds, the breeze, the monkeys.. smelling the flowers and assortment of plants....moments like that are the moments that take my breath away and make it all worth it. 3.) I am also a culture junkie so visiting and climbing the Mayan ruins was exhilarating! The excursion I went on wasn’t too heavy in activity, in my opinion, so many people would be able to do it. It started with a short walk through the jungle to an Mayan exhibition site, where a lesson was given on the structures and the exhibition. Then continued on another short walk in the jungle to the ruin in which you are allowed to climb, if wanted. I don’t remember exactly, but climbing to the top felt something like climbing maybe ten or so flights of stairs... except these stairs are made of stone, somewhat uneven, and they are tiny steps... but, if you’re up for that, it is worth it! Like I discussed in #2, the view is breath-taking!

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