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First-time travelers in Venice: these are the top things to do

Prepare yourself because you're gonna have a blast :) Here's a few tips to enjoy this eternal city: 1. Getting lost is the best way to enjoy Venice. Don't necessarily follow the crowd, just walk where your heart brings you. You'll probably fall in love with a back street that only locals use. In the busiest season, you'll avoid queueing for hours by wandering around alone. 2. See Venice form a boat. The city has been built for boats. The Canal Grande, the most beautiful street you'll see, can only be seen on a boat whether it's on a Gondola, on a private boat, a kayak or by water bus/ I'd personally suggest you to book a private tour, totally worth it. 3. Eat local food as if it was your last meal. Eating in Venice can be very cheap. Every real bacaro serves cichetti that will leave you full and satisfied. 4. Carry a bottle of water. Fountains water is drinkable and will save you a euro or two... Also it's eco-friendly ;)

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