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The friendliest country in Europe

I'm French so I had the opportunity to travel in Europe. I often come back to Paris for the holiday season to meet my friends and family. One year, I decided to make a detour in Dublin because I have a few friends there who have moved from the US to work there. Since that year, I always come to Ireland once a year. Even for a short weekend. Even if I don't meet my friends (who have left since then). Why? you won't find any other people so eager to get to know you, help you out or offer you a drink than Irish people. That's blowing my mind! It's not only in Dublin. Even in the rural areas, you can stop anyone in the streets asking for a direction, they won't only indicate you where to go, some of them will literally walk you to your destination (that happened to me; it seems creepy but it's not! I'm not scared to get myself a beer at a local pub, alone. I know I'll meet Irish who'll make me feel like home. So yeah, Ireland is amazing!

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