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What you should try in Sri Lanka

Throughout the years, Sri Lanka has adapted its food culture into a blend of different curry dishes. Here's what you should try: 1. Hoppers / Appa. This is an iconic food of Sri Lanka. It begins with a simple pancake batter that’s spruced up with some coconut milk. Appas are like rounded pans thick and soft on the bottom, and thin and crunchy on the edges. 2. Kiribath. Kiribath is a special type of rice, cooked with thick coconut milk and often served during special or auspicious occasions, such as Sinhalese New Year. There are a few versions of kiribath, but the basic procedure is to start by boiling a pot of rice. 3. Jackfruit curry. Jackfruit is consumed in a number of different stages of ripeness, from very ripe and sweet to green and starchy. Polos is a Sri Lankan curry prepared with young green jackfruit. The fruit is sliced into bite-sized chunks and boiled until soft. It's then cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and spices like must. 4. Kottu. Kottu is Sri Lanka's hamburger -- everybody's favorite go-to fast food when craving something tasty and greasy. The roti is normally fried at the beginning of the day, piled into stacks and served as it's ordered. When you place an order, the kottu chef will fry and chop the roti with a selection of ingredients you choose. The result is a tasty mixture of salty pieces of fried dough, lightly spiced and extremely comforting. There are variations of Kottu for your preferences.

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