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3-day itinerary in France

Day 1 - Go to the Louvre Museum. It opens at 9am so you should try to get up early and get there at the opening to avoid the crowd. Spend the time you need there, then go to the nearby Sainte Chapelle. Then pay a visit to the Arc de Triomphe. On the way to get there, grab a late lunch or eat a sandwich (there are fine restaurants but they can be expensive). Visiting the Eiffel Tower before sunset would be perfect. Wander the Avenue des Champs-Élysées before heading back to your hotel/Airbnb. Day 2 - Head to Notre-Dame de Paris in early morning. After this, get to Musée d'Orsay. You can spend an afternoon at Luxembourg Gardens (you should get lunch there, there is a lot of cheap options there as it's crowded by students). After that, head off to one of the riverwalks to enjoy some leisure time along the Seine River. Hit the Marais District to experience Paris nightlife. Day 3 - You can reserve half a day for visiting the Palace of Versailles (45 minutes form Paris). You can spend some time there. After coming back to the city, consider going to a flea market (Vanves or Montreuil) and get some souvenirs. Day 4 - On the 4th day, I'd suggest you to go to Giverny. It's a bit far but totally worth it.

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