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These are the must-visit spots for a 2-week trip in Turkey

I've been to Turkey for 2 weeks a few months ago and this is what I've done: - Istanbul for 3 days: Find an accomodation near Fatih and visit the blue mosque. The Hagia Sophia Museum, the Basilica Cistern and the Grand Bazaar are places you don't want to miss while in Istanbul. - Ephesus for a day: wander in the Ancient City, go to Mother Mary home and visit St John church. - Pamukkale for a day: this is an Ancient City so wandering around the city will bring back back in the glorious days of Turkey. Book an accomodation in a hot springs hotel, that's worth it. - Antalya for 2 days: besides the city, go to Kaleici old city and walk and try to go on a boat trip. - Capadoccia for 3 days: do the infamous hot air balloon ride, go the underground city and visit the caves of the city.

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