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My favorite hikes in and around Vancouver are :

Saint Mark's trail

(see my full post about it)

Brandywine Meadows

this one is a well kept secret ! It's hard to access but it's incredible. 1,5 steep hike up, but you are then rewarded by a green meadow with a gorgeous water stream, flowers everywhere. All this just below the Glacier.

Hollyburn mountain

this one is easier, maybe 1,5 hours up and very enjoyable especially in winter. I love to do it in the evening or at night - don't forget the headlamp!

Joffre's Lake

3 lakes with clear blue water. very crowded so I would suggest doing it in the winter - crampons needed, it's steep. You can bring snowshoes too if it has snowed recently. But the Path is frequently used so crampons are enough. It's a 3h drive to get there, so be sure to leave early enough if you do it because the parking is very small and people wait a long time to get a spot.

Quarry Rock

cute and easy, no big deal

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