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What were the 3 things you liked the most during your trip to Bucharest ?

Bucharest is such a little gem. Actually, all of Romania is! It should be on everybody's 2019 travel list. However, in Bucharest, our 3 favorite things were: 1. The Old Town. WHAT a charming district of the city. It's filled with a variety of unique little cafes and side streets that are great for Instagram photos or simply exploring. 2. The FOOD. If you've never tried Romanian food, you're in for a treat. Meat lovers should opt for trying mici (sausage) and those with a sweet tooth absolutely have to try papanași (sweet donut-like dessert). 3. Linea/Closer to the Moon. We wanted to try out a unique bar so we went to Closer to the Moon, which is a rooftop bar located close to the Old Town. There, we were seated inside of a rooftop lunar module (transparent igloo-like tent) and served space-themed drinks. Unique experience, and the appetizers were great!

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