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I'm considering moving to either Melbourne or Sydney. Why would you choose Melbourne over Sydney?

I'm living in Melbourne, so i guess it tells a lot. Sydney is beautiful, BEAUTIFUL. But it's a hard city to travel, as the public transport is not as great as Melbourne. Living cost is also higher in Sydney so there's that. But it is warmer most of the time, it has the amazing beach lifestyle. Melbourne is not as pretty but it has an amazing life culture. It is open and free - at least in the inner city or in the closes suburbs. It can be very very cold, but when it's hot, it burns! But is cold most of the year. Transport is easy and affordable, you can also cycle everywhere. It feels very safe. There are lots of jobs going on. There is art of every kind everywhere. I love Melbourne because it allows me to balance work and leisure. It allows me to move everywhere without spending hours in traffic. And you know, you can always visit Sydney.