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I found your page because I'm thinking of going to County Clare in Ireland maybe this October. What's your favorite bar or neighborhood to go out for drinks?

There's lots of good places to go in County Clare,Ireland for drinks. It really depends on you and your preferences... If you'd like to see the real Irish culture I would recommend going to Bunratty Village to see the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park and finish off your day in Durty Nelly's bar and restaurant where there's traditional Irish music and the craic every night... If you'd like a bit of a busier town then go to Ennis which is the biggest town in Clare and has lots of bars to choose from. You could even go on a pub crawl to them all ?... For more scenery and drinks in would go back to the west of Clare where you have Doolin, Spanish Point, Kilkee, Quilty ect. There small towns with pretty much one or two bars but you'll get the true feel of Clare with all the scenery there and you'll get the perfect Irish bar experience?

Love to travel and learn!