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5 spots where Parisians love to go to

You're gonna have a blast my dear! I suggest you to check out the following spots: - the Ground Control: If you wanna have a few beers in a old-fashioned bathtub, a portion of fries in an aircraft wreckage or playing ping pong (or just wandering around - we are talking about 6,000 m2 of free space - then, you've found your place). Great in summer to sip and meet people. - the lavomatic: it's a speakeasy bar hidden behind... a laundromat (!) - you should gallivant in rue Mouffetard on a weekday around 6-7pm. Perfect place to drink and start endless philosophical conversations - Go get a few crepes at Josselin (it's in Montparnasse) - Best pizza in Paris in East Mamma

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