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What to do in Charleston for 2-3 days ?

I spent 7 days in Charleston and driving around South Carolina and it was like a fairy tale. Here are my top spots for Charleston : - Walk and wander around the College of Charleston and it's library. Incredible historical buildings, and at night the little lanterns and the spanish moss makes it look supernatural. Also they have a freaking full sized T-Rex in the Library ! how cool is that to study! - Bike around the streets in the South point of the city (anything below Broad String): the houses are so old, historical and gorgeous. - The white point garden is pure romance, and walk up to the waterfront Park after. Gorgeous typical trees - Go to Angel Oak Tree - it's worth the drive : it's a 800 year old tree with insanely long and twirly branches. Also, the drive there is spectacular, with tree tunnels and mystical lights all along. - the city market is nice of course - I didn't do the slave museums but it's on all the main touristic books

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