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Which things do I have to do in Portland, OR?

First of all, you chose a fun city to travel to. I only spend there 2 nights but I fell in love with Portland almost immediately. Try not to be too focused on downtown, otherwise you will miss out on a lot of things in East Portland. The brewery scene in the city is HUGE. For the limited time I spend in Portland, I could only visited a couple of pubs/breweries but they're all worth going for a few drinks and get a feeling for the local scene. APEX in East Portland was a great choice, less crowded, a big patio to sit outside and about 50 beers on tap. If you're unsure about your flavour, the employees are happy to recommend something. Deschutes Brewery on the other hand is well located in Downtown and way busier. It's just one of the more popular breweries but still a good one. If you fancy an elk burger, you came to the right place. Speaking of food, beside the big beer culture Portland has way too many places with a great kitchen. It's very diverse too and you can find whatever you're craving right now. My favourite restaurant was for sure the Sweet Hereafter. If you love vegan food or always wanted to give it a try - go there. You won't regret it. Accross the street is a small live music location called The Liquor Store (great name, huh). Good to see some local bands or just party, e.g. to psychedelic rock. A MUST DO is a visit to Powell's City of Books. The largest independent book store in the world is located in the Pearl district in Downtown. They have nine big rooms which are individually color-coded and more than 3500 different sections. Make sure you'll bring enough time. The great thing is that they also have a lot of used books, so it's up to you which copy you want to buy (also depending on your budget). They have one room which is extra secured with very rare and/or old copies. Only a limited amount of people can enter this room at the same time but usually you shouldn't wait too long to get in there.

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