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Dubrovnik, the "Pearl of Adriatic"

The Southern part of Croatia by the long stretch of the Adriatic Sea has a strong Venetian influence on its architecture and a laid back vibe that is so drastically different from its capital city in the North. Although Croatian tourism has just started flourishing in the past decade or so, Croatia has a long history and traditions which involved stories inside walled cities built by Venetian Republic, grand palaces built by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and coastal villages established by Greek sailors. Rich Austro-Hungarian and Venetian (even Roman) architecture have been immaculately preserved and restored despite the recent War of the Balkans. Driving into Dubrovnik was like stepping into a movie set (It really is- Game of Thrones and Star Wars, etc.) From a distance, we could already spot this 11th century walled city along the Dalmatian Coast. It was once the wealthiest trading port in Southern Europe. To remain an independent city, this beautiful place had to fend off many empire builders. It is surprising how despite everything that happened including the artillery strikes in the ‘90s, the city still remains intact and standing till this day. Admiring the beauty of this walled city from Mount Srd, both of us concur that it definitely deserves its name the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’.

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