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Hoi An, Things You Should Do !!

Where to play if there is only one day to travel to Hoi An? Located about 4 km from the center of Hoi An city (Quang Nam), Tra Que vegetable village is known to provide fresh and clean vegetables for Hoi An people. Here, outside admire the green vegetable beds, visitors can transform into true farmers. The villagers will pass on to visitors how to make soil, make beds, plant and care for vegetables. Meanwhile, for photographers and those who love beauty, the light in the village from dawn to sunset will be a feast for imagination and creativity. Photographer Réhahn said Tra Que is also famous for being the best place to photograph sunset in Hoi An . If you prefer to turn the unscrupulous clay blocks into pottery pots, teapots and rice bowls, visitors can come to Thanh Ha pottery village, about 4 km west of Hoi An city center. In the opposite direction of Tra Que vegetable village, this village is one of the destinations to attract young people ... Here, you can experience and make pottery on your own under the guidance of the old artisans of pottery village, learn how to make and give pottery from lifeless clay to become beautiful materials , cute, eye-catching. Hoi An ancient town shimmering, vibrant and bustling at night. Lanterns lit along the streets and on the banks of the Hoai River.If you come to Hoi An on the 14th and 15th day of the lunar month, you can join the flower lantern . For those who are afraid to move and just like to hang around in the city, Hoi An is ready to please you with cultural and historical places such as Cau Pagoda, Ba Mu Pagoda, Phung Hung Ancient House, Hoi An Museum or Phuc Khau guild In addition, visitors can also find virtual living corner in the beautiful small cafes in the ancient town or simply "eat Hoi An .. :)) Hoi An is beautiful and charming, but it will be really more charming when you really find it, Hoi An is not only it when you see it, it will be really revealed with its true value. when you get the help of local people to really find it. us: Hoi An Local Tour. who will be the bridge to take you and learn the interesting things hidden behind it. All the secrets such as the diverse culinary culture, the long-standing historical culture and the daily life of the locals will be greased after you experience the experiences we bring. ##Hoi_An_Life_Cycle_Tour##

We are a local travel company in Hoi An, we offer unique and interesting experiences in places you can't find and experience.

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