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My first time in Asturias hiking Picos de Europa

The Picos de Europa are located in the Asturias and Cantabria. It’s a five-our drive from Madrid and approximatively two hours from Santander. They are quite spectacular. Impressive rocky mountain highs, endless gorges and hidden valleys made it the perfect place for a relaxing weekend. Even if getting there can be a bit complicated, it remains convenient enough for occasional travelers like me. I only 2 days in the Picos, but I could have easily spent a few weeks there. There are so many hiking trails there that deserve your attention. There’s literally hundreds of miles worth of mountains and (dangerous!) rocky paths. Walking information – particularly guidebooks – is fairly limited if you don’t speak or read Spanish. If you don’t have a Spanish friend handy like me, get prepared to google a lot… Walking in the Picos de Europa is so rewarding. The marking is abundant so you don’t need to spend hours on Maps.me to find where to go. Just relax and enjoy the scenery… Oh and also, bring a lot of water because they are not many drinkable fountains or streams (especially in summer). In addition to walking, this region is praised for its delicious wine, gorgeous cheese (the area is famous for Cabrales) and fabada (a delicious stew with white beans, chorizo, pork belly and morcilla).

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