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3 days to spend in Sapa, Vietnam

The first time I went to Vietnam, I stopped in Sapa for a few days and i thought I wouldn’t stay more than 3 days… So I booked my bus tickets to spend 3 days in Sapa and I can comfortably say this now: I could have stayed for 2 weeks, easy. If you're wondering where to go in Vietnam, besides Sapa, I suggest you read this microblog I found pretty useful when I planned my trip. Day 1: Rent a bike and get ready to explore Sapa on a motorbike Disclosure: you can explore Sapa using public transportation but if you want to live the full experience, I’d suggest you to rent a bike. On Day 1, you’ll explore two waterfalls and will have enough time to explore the wonderful Valley. Drive 12 kms outside of Sapa town, and you should hit your first stop: the Silver Waterfall. You can see the waterfall from the road but you should hop off your bike and go climb the stairs to reach the top and the view is definitely worth it. Day 2: Trekking to Hmong Village of Ta Van  The trek starts right outside Sapa a few minutes from the hostel we stayed at. We crossed a few rivers - noticing a few spiders tagging along with us - finding our way through endless rice paddies. It was raining the night before, so the roads were pretty muddy, make sure your hiking boots are water-proof and bring an extra pair of dry socks just in case you have an accident.  Day 3: Ta Van - Su Pan - Sapa  There are two trails to get to Su Pan – one over the mountains and another paved one used by motorcycles and villagers. We took the muddy one. We knew it was a mistake since it was pouring the night before but we wanted to experience the whole adventure… My 2 cents: if it’s raining, take the paved road, that’ll be safer and much funnier.

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