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Tricks of the EGO

A friend and I were just sharing a delicious bowl of ramen on the West End in Vancouver. There, we spoke about how Vancouver is supposed to be the best place to eat Asian food outside of Asia. The food was fulfilling and soul opening. We ended up talking about previous relationships and how our mind can become trapped in circles of previous thoughts, previous stories, former experiences... At some point, one of us commented that we had not been the "best boyfriend", actually kind of a terrible one to a former girlfriend. I was then while looking at a slice of pork that it occurred to me that the Ego always judges from the current moment. And with that, the judgment becomes unfair, out of proportion and unloving to ourselves. I told my friend: it is like asking a piece of meat that is cooked NOW to be cooked 10 minutes AGO. It can simply not BE. It is simply NOT POSSIBLE. It is cooked NOW because it had 10 minutes of cooking. So when I judge myself of having been a bad boyfriend 4 or 5 years ago I am doing an evaluation from the CONSCIOUSNESS and AWARENESS that I have Now. But before, I did not have that and I could have not because those 10 minutes necessary to cook the meat had not passed. They had not happened. And with them, none of the EXPERIENCES that took me to have the current understanding that I have NOW. Therefore, I could not have been a better boyfriend. At least not how I see it now. I find that those kinds of evaluations tend to be delusional, inaccurate and painful to ourselves... they also tend to trap us in the false beliefs and energies of self-punishment and guilt that don't necessarily serve who we are NOW. They also bring us back to a past that is no longer there. What if we focus on the plate that we have now before our eyes and maybe just drop some innocent questions: do I enjoy the flavors that I am currently savoring? Which is the most delightful one in my plate? Am I content with how well the meat is cooked now? Do I even like meat anymore? or What else can I life bring me that I have not even considered before? Those questions may add a spice to our lives and our trips that we had probably not expected. Enjoy your ramen soup. Ricardo

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