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Places that are TRANSFORMATIVE by Design

I come in and out of places all the time. The more I travel, the more places and spaces I get to discover. Traveling, in fact, could be read as a transition from one place to another one. The more I travel and visit places, the more I wonder. How will the next generation of buildings and places that will motivate us to visit, be? How could we design those places that will transform us and bring new memories to our lives? 1. They would INCLUDE the ENERGETICS of the land. The energy of our surrounding environment. The life force that is present in Nature and that is nurturing us all the time. That same force that has been acknowledged by the wisest cultures of our civilization. In India, they would call it Prana, in China they would call it Qi. A lot of legendary temples and places have already included this type of energy with intentional design. Machu Pichu in Peru, The Forbidden City in China, the Potala Palace in Tibet, The Pyramids in Mexico and Egypt. Our buildings could strategically incorporate this energy in its design and by doing so, foster coherence in our internal organs and energetic body systems. 2. Places and buildings could also CONNECT rather than SEPARATE. Connect us to nature, connect us to that that we treasure as humans- safety, beauty, peace. The truer in us. The values of our lives. They could connect us deeper to who we are at the core, but more so, to who we long to become. They could act more as an INTENTIONAL mirror of ourselves expressed in the intentionally built environment around us. They could connect us to Earth, to our natural environment. They could also help us connect to other people, rather than isolate us by design. 3. They will be ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Using technology and materials that work systemically with the ecosystem where they are placed. Designed to be energy efficient. Designed to work with the wind, solar and thermal power. Working WITH NATURE, rather than at the expense of it. 4. They will be HEALTHIER. Using non-toxic materials. Having proper ventilation systems. Lighting that is supportive of our biological circadian rhythms. Mindfully calibrated acoustics. Thermal comfort that responds to our human bodies as well as design features that promote optimal brain functions and reduce stress. 5. They will be RESPONSIVE and will include more ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. Including monitoring devices with artificial intelligence components. Acting more as intelligent cell membranes that are capable of evaluating the state of people inside the building as well as the state of the environmental factors around it. They will be able to adjust accordingly to create an optimal living space. 7. They will INTEGRATE the COMPLEXITY of our HUMAN structures into the design. They will include not only the ergonomics of the physical body but also the effects of the architectural design on mind, emotions, body energetics and soul and spirit. They will be positive on their impact on our daily lives. They will be Transformative by Design. What other qualities do you recall from those places that have touched you forever? From those places that have transformed your life? This is an initial list.

Integrating energy, biology, psychology and healthier environments into an architecture that uplifts the spirit.

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