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My longest hike to date and John Lennon leprechauns

Today I did my longest hike ever, it's called Mount Unnecessary, on Cypress Moutain, in Vancouver Canada. It's a 15km hike that goes across two summits - it passes Saint Marks for the people familiar with this area. The day was completely foggy but I loved the feel of the fog stuck in the forest, creating limited visibility. It was incredibly humid and it probably added some difficulty to the hike. No views whatsoever because of the fog every where, but a great nature retreat. I stared to be really exhausted when hiking up the Mount Unnecessary. It's very very steep and the trail is not maintained, with fallen trees, climbing parts etc... I was giving everything I had, sweating like crazy, pushing myself to the limit. At some point, I'm resting on the ground, leaning on a tree trying to catch my breath , and suddenly a guy and a girl appear from nowhere. They were both in their early 20s, long haired, had small circular glasses, and one of them had a strong resemblence to John Lennon. It really made my mind freeze for a bit. They both were not carrying any backback, barely had a small bottle of water. They were casually dressed, no technical gear whatsoever, and they were walking so fast, so lightly up and down, with no efforts... Kind of hovering over any obstacles, never taking breaks.... while I had died 3 times to reach that exact spot... I like to think that they were John Lennon Leprechauns... or that I was badly dehydrated.

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