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3 days in incredible Salar de Uyuni

I spent 3 months in South America and - with Patagonia - Bolivia was the most impressive country to visit. The variety of its landscapes, its incredible mountains, its fantastic viewpoints... Yes, you got it: I fell in love with it! The tour in Salar de Uyuni will leave you literally speechless... It's one of the wildest desert you'll ever experience and i wish I could go there by myself but it's not possible. You have to go with a tour guide since it's a National Park and it has to be preserved from us hoomans. When you see pictures like this one, you clearly understand why: As many travel microblogs will tell you, try to get there in the rainy season as it's the best time of the year to go. The entire desert will turn into a spectacular mirror with reflections that will blow your mind. For the 3 days tour - the one I've taken - you can expect to see and experience the following: On a three-day tour you can expect to see and experience the following: - The Salar de Uyuni! - The train graveyard (it's actually spectacular - I'll reference it in another post!) - A night in a hotel made out of... salt. - Laguna Colorado, Laguna Verde: you can see Flamingos "dancing" and ignoring you :p For a traveler visiting Bolivia, skipping Salar de Uyuni is almost a crime :p It's an unforgettable experience you should live at least once.

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