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Cenotes in Playa del Carmen

We had a great time in Play del Carmen, but one of the most fun parts of our trip was the "cenotes" (apparently derived from the Mayan word for "well"). We hired a guide for a day who took us to a few really interesting places, including some Mayan ruins, a Mayan family farm, and an amazing restaurant, but one of our favourites was the cenote we visited. Cenotes are deep caverns (or more precisely sinkholes, from what I gather), filled with water. During a hot Mexican day, what the means is it's a nice cool pool to take a swim in. The one we went to also had a platform from which we could jump in. Whether it's to jump in, take a swim, or float on your back and stare at the occasional bat flying overhead, the cenote is a great way to get out of the heat and have a good time.

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