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4 Odd Jobs In The Travel Industry - Part II

COCONUT SAFETY ENGINEER A full-grown coconut weighs at least two kilos (4.4 lbs). Given the fact that palm trees can reach up to 30 meters (98.42 feet), these fruits can fall at high speeds. If one manages to hit your head or any part of your body, it can cause significant injuries. An unpopular yet surprising career in the travel industry is coconut safety engineers. They have to make sure these ripe fruits don’t fall on the heads of guests. Their job is to pluck ripe coconuts from palm trees. MONKEY MEN In Amanbagh, a resort located in Ajabgarh, Rajasthan, India, it is common practice to provide savouries to the guests. However, the problem is that monkeys tend to steal these goodies. The resort decided the best way to handle this situation is to use monkey men. These individuals roam around the property to ensure the primates don’t cause any problems. They use a variety of tactics to scare away the monkeys so that the guests can have an excellent experience. The travel industry sure does have many unusual and less-known jobs. It often makes you wonder whether you can create your own special profession and turn it into a career!

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