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I Did Everything Wrong for My First Solo Trip to India... And It Was Awesome!

I traveled to India alone. This was my first solo trip outside of my country so that was pretty scary. I was terrified. As a people person, I was scared that I’ll end up being alone and bored with myself. I was also terrified about India because I read so many awful stories online… of course all of these stories were dreadful: girls who’d be harassed by men, food poisoning or people getting ripped off. When I was on the plane to Delhi though, I got so excited. I think I felt the adrenaline running through my veins. I remember that I said to myself « Oh shit! Why should I care? I’m gonna live something amazing, no matter hat people say! ». I forgot about all my rational fears. It was pure excitement. I did make so many mistakes when I got there: I trusted the first person I saw, stayed in accommodations far more expensive than advertised, got ripped off too many times, ate too much food and got sick, pushed myself too hard and got heat stroke and altitude sickness (yeah: both!). That made me realize that I shouldn’t trust my guts too much. I think I was overconfident and that got me into trouble. I know I need to force myself to be extra cautious when abroad. Because I’m a tourist and that’s exactly why scammers target me because I’m naive and trust people too easily. Don’t read too much before your trip. Of course, get informed about the political context, riots or strikes at your destination - you can get this information at your embassy’s website. Make sure you know what vaccines you need and make sure you update your friends and family everyday while you travel.

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