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I Just Ran 10k for the First Time And I Feel Invincible

Today, I ran 10k in preparation of the half marathon I’m running in October. I’ve never run a 10k in my life, this was my first time. It gave me hope that I could actually finish my half marathon. For this 10k, I made sure to prepare well. I ate a light breakfast, drank a lot of water and warmed up extensively. I think the most important thing was the pep talk I gave myself. I told myself that I could do it, that when things get hard it’s probably gonna hurt for a few minutes before the pain goes away. And that I shouldn’t stop at any cost. I feel empowered! When I signed up to the half-marathon a couple of months ago, my main objective was to finish it. With my progress, I can legitimately set myself a time as a goal.

I know I can fly!