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This is How I Feel After I've Quit Smoking

Today, I decided to quit smoking. I’m addicted to nicotine and I want to stop because it has terrible effects on my skin, my hair, my breath, my lungs and my mood. When I don’t smoke for a few hours, I become despicable to the people around me. The day I realized I needed to quit for good was a month ago. I was at a conference and I had to attend to every keynotes, round tables and speeches since I was representing the main sponsor of that event. I couldn’t smoke a single cigarette. At the end of this very long day, my partner picked me up so we could have a nice dinner together. I barely had the time to smoke one cigarette so I was pretty stressed out. The entire dinner was a shit show. I just got pissed off for no reason and he had to « take it for the team » you know. I basically yelled at him in front of strangers for stupid reasons, just because I was deprived of nicotine.   It’s been a month now without a cigarette. I felt terrible the first week since I felt the urge to smoke, basically every hour. Even now and then, I sometimes want to get a cigarette but I behave. That said, stopping nicotine helped me feeling better. My skin, my teeth, my breath and my hair looks a bit brighter and I don’t smell like cigarette all the time. My partner also noticed that, apart from the first week, I was more relaxed at home.   If you want to stop, there is no miracle. You have to be self-disciplined. Replace your « smoking time » with another activity. For me yoga and meditation have been very helpful. It doesn’t have to be these activities, but find yourself that can replace your habit to smoke.

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