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Why My Stories Matter More Than My Photos

Today, I learned that my stories matter more than my photos. We live in a world where people are obsessed with photos from our last trip, brunch or concert... instead of sharing impressions, personal experiences or feelings about the places we've explored. I moved to Melbourne for work and stayed there for 2 years. I had a blast there, met incredible people, worked with brilliant coworkers and explored sick places (Tasmania deserves to be visited once in a lifetime!) When I came back from Australia, I threw a party to reconnect with a few friends. We were having drinks at my favorite bar when someone asked me about my last trip to Tasmania. I grabbed my phone, opened my Instagram app and commented on my gallery… That's when it hit me: instead of telling stories, perspectives and personal impressions, I was basically captioning my Instagram feed. It was sad because I could have done the same with photos from Google Images or Flickr. Photos are great at what they are supposed to do: illustrate stories. Words give a perspective that images cannot match. When people ask you questions about a destination you've explored, ask yourself: “What made this trip special to me?”. It’s very likely that your answer to that question will please your audience.

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