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A solo travelling experience in Burma !

For the first time, I travelled solo. One of my best decisions ! End of 2017 : I planned a three months trip in South Asia with some people I met on a Facebook travel page. After one month and a half of travel, i decided to quit the group and travel on my own. Cotravel can be stifling for several reasons, and I needed some time just for me and do what I really wanted to do. I arrived in Yangoon, a famous city in Burma. When I went there, it was touristic season but many travellers avoid the country because of politics tensions. I quickly felt uncomfortable : a girl alone with her backpack, it catches the eye ... locals looked at me as if they had never seen a tourist, it was raining...and most of all, one of my eye was victim of a conjunctivitis ! While going to the hostel, a little voice in my head was saying : Take a bus to Thailand ! Don't stay in this country ! After my registration (the hostel was empty...), I collapsed on my bed, thinking about the situation. For the first time of the trip, I felt so alone... I was ready to book a bus ticket to Thailand when I text to my mom and a good friend of mine (thank you Steve ;) ) and they just convinced me to stay and let go. They knew Burma was the country I absolutely wanted to visit and they shared all their positives vibes to help me to overcome my fears. I felt a lot of resistance in my mind at this point but I finally decided first to go to emergencies for my eye. The situation quickly took another turn : the guy who drove me to the hospital was so nice ! He really paid attention to myself : he explained my eye problem to the doctors and stayed with me during the consultation. then he friendly caught me back to my hostel. After two days of treatment, I finally could travel in the country and enjoy. During this trip I met some travellers, and I felt free to stay with them for one, two or four days, and sometimes just two hours... That's why travelling solo is so cool : you can follow someone until his next step, or just have lunch with him. You can change your schedule as often as you want ! Other great thing about travelling solo : you talk with people who are on your road. I spent four incredible days with a 40 years old man who lived in Portugal. In real life, if we had crossed, we would probably never have spoken ! I learned thanks to this experience that I just have to forget stereotypes and follow my intuitions to assure my security. It means talking to strangers you feel you can trust them. I also realized that I was able to organize my trip by myself and ask some help when I needed. My fears disappear as my travel continues. I'm not saying that cotravelling is not good : i had magical experiences about it !! but if your goal is travelling solo, you have to deal with it and go alone. That's the most important lesson I learnt from this experience. And don't forget : most of time, a solo traveller meets a lot of people if he wants to. Solo travel doesn't mean being alone :) So take your backpack and go experiment !

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