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Fun Facts on Presidential Pets!

Presidential Pets (and other animals): - Theodore Roosevelt's dog, a bulldog named Pete, once chased down the French Ambassador - Jules Jusserand- down a white house corridor and tore the bottom of his pants. The incident made the news causing the French government to formally complain about the incident. - Herbert Hoover bought a Belgian Shepherd during his campaign to improve his popularity ratings. This might be a good idea for Trump who is currently the First President in modern presidential history without a pet. - James Buchanan was reportedly given a herd of elephants, Martin Van Buren received a pair of tiger cubs (subsequently given to the zoo) - Woodrow Wilson kept a flock of sheep and a ram on the White house lawn, and William Taft had a Holstein Cow. - Calvin Coolidge's wife, Grace, had a pet raccoon named Rebecca, whom she walked on a leash. She also adopted an opossum.