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The One-Stop Shop to hire a handyman (and handywoman)

I’m really excited about this new startup I’ve been working on for the past 6 months : say hi to QuickFixer. A marketplace where you can hire handymen to help you with mundane tasks such as fixing your downspout, painting your front gate, fixing that leaky sink or changing your air-conditioner filters. Like a lot of people, I’ve got a collection of tasks around my house that require my full attention. But for multiple reasons, I just procrastinate and end up not doing anything. On top of that: I just suck at these tasks. I’ll end up spending hours on Youtube trying to learn how to deal with these tasks that could have been taken on by people who know what they are doing. One day, the leaking sink I was supposed to work on for months, literally exploded and I had to call a plumber to fix this. That cost me $1,250! The worst thing is that I could have avoided that situation, simply by fixing the problem wen it was small. That’s when I told myself: « never again ». Makers from everywhere: always put yourself in the shoes of your users. If you have never experienced the problems of your main users, well, try to experience it. Or mimic the most common situations your main users are facing. That’s so important to develop a product that’s viable.

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