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The hard way isn't always the best way.

Choosing to do things the easy way instead of the hard way. It's mainly an experiment to see if being easier on myself and putting less pressure on myself to do things "perfectly" makes me happier in general. It's weird. I've noticed so many differences and am noticing new ones all the time. For instance, applying this idea to my work (deciding to be okay with producing a "pretty good" product instead of a perfect one) has done 3 things: 1. I get the work done much faster. 2. Because I get it done faster, I enjoy it more. 3. Because I enjoy it more, the quality of my work actually INCREASES instead of decreases... super counterintuitive. I have some rigid principles that I follow just for the sake of following principles. Like "I can't allow myself to forget to respond to someone's text message," or "I can't smoke weed in the morning." I do a lot of things because I feel like I should, and not because I genuinely want to in the moment. I think those principles served me in the past, but they don't serve me anymore in the extreme way that I apply them, so it's time to start questioning them and seeing what the result is. The hard part is becoming aware of every little instance where I'm choosing "should" over "want" — so it's not a matter of making one big decision to let go of perfection... it's lots of small decisions that will compound to create a big change in my life overall.

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