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Celebrate Your Wins in Public, Complain in Private

Long story short, I’m working on a big project at work that requires my full attention. My manager gave me a very short deadline and I feel like that any minute I’m not at my desk, I’m just wasting my time. When I focus on something, I just put my noise-cancelling headset, eat at my desk and don’t talk to anyone. One of my colleagues told me once that I was killing the mood at work because of my attitude. By not engaging with my teammates, taking lunch or coffee breaks or laughing at their jokes… I answered him that his jokes wouldn’t pay my rent and he should do the same. I said it pretty loud in the office space and people started to give me stern look. If that was to happen again, I would make sure to start a private conversation with my colleague explaining that I’m stressed out about this project and that’s why I need my full attention. Also, I’d probably talk to my manager about how insane this deadline is. This situation made me realize that you should be mindful of how you deliver your message in public. If you complain about something, try to keep it in small groups, not in a public space. That tends to affect the esprit de corps of a company.

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