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Why I Felt Bad for Not Tipping a Rude Waitress

I organized a dinner with a small group of friends at a mexican restaurant to celebrate my 30th birthday. The waitress - probably a college student working as a temp - who took care of us was incredibly nice with me but was insulting with one of my friends (for no reason). That said, she did a great job at serving our food, cocktails and everything… while being incredibly rude to my friend. My friends paid for the meal but I asked them not to give her any tips… The problem is that I shouldn’t ask my friends about what tips they are going to give to someone, especially since they are offering me dinner. Also, giving tips is something very personal so anyone should be able to do whatever he / she wants. If that was to happen again, I would simply talk to the waitress telling her that she was rude to my friend and that was not acceptable. This situation made me realize that you should always tip someone. Even if you’re pissed at your waiter / waitress, they had a long day of work, they deserve at least 10%. Leaving nothing is basically insulting someone and not paying them for their work.

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