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I'm Dating The Lawyer Who Got Me Out Of Jail

I was celebrating the birthday of a colleague and got drunk. I decided to sober up for a few hours and then decided to drive back home (I know it’s a stupid decision and I should have gotten a cab… lesson learned). Eventually I got arrested by a cop on my way home and he locked up for the night for DUI. The next morning, I called a lawyer to help me get out of jail. She told me I had to pay her $500 so she can come pick me up (which is a good deal if you look up for options).. But still… pretty bad start for a relationship huh? Anyway, I pay, she comes, gets me out of jail and then ask me to come to her office later that day to prepare my defense. When I come to her practice, we got to chat about a lot of topics that were completely unrelated to my case. The conversation went so well that she forgot she was supposed to meet with another client after and that we still hadn’t talked about my case. I came the next morning: same thing. We keep talking about anything… besides my case. After an hour, we finally got to talk about my case. At the end, I asked if she wanted to get a drink after her work. She said : « yes… but I have to refer you to another lawyer if you don’t mind! It’s not like we are getting much done anyway right? ». She confessed to me later that this was her way to ask me out. Anyway, the funny story is that we are still dating… it’s been 5 years!

I know I can fly!