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First time on Silk Road, Uzbekistan

For the first time, I traveled in Uzbekistan. Definitely one of my best trips. Located in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is not yet a well-known country. Steeped in history (many influences) and full of fabulous monuments. Nature is breathtaking, and the sun is your every day date. Three main facts I learned about the way of life : - Education is a priority topic in Uzbekistan - There are many traditions around marriage ; in parallel the divorce is widespread - Young people dream of a more modern and Western model I can only recommend visiting this country if you like : - Trekking in desert areas - Having tea time three times per day - Taking pictures without being surrounded by a group of asian tourists - Eating a lot (you have to taste the "plov" !!) - Drinking shots of vodka with local people - Sweating like an ice cream that melts Have a good trip ;)

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