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This made me smile

Yesterday morning I was working from a coffeeshop in downtown Vancouver. I was looking at the people rushing to work, in their nice work clothes. Someone in the coffeeshop had to leave their big cute fluffy dog outside while he was ordering his coffee. And that's when it happened: at least 4 people, althought they were rushing to work, would actually make a small detour and take a few seconds to pet the dog! The dog was obviously loving it, and the work people were actually smiling and feeling better! Maybe they needed that extra feel-good boost right before entering their office towers... I've only witnessed this level of emotional maturity in North America. I think it's super healthy for these people to know this about themselves, and to admit openly that they they do feel better when petting a doggo. In Europe very few people pay attention to dogs and have this dog-lover spontaneous bursts of affection. I think we definitely are less in touch with our emotions, even when it means to instantly feel good about something. The concept of support animal has never been more accurate ! And maybe all offices should be dog-friendly. Especially after seeing the immediate impact they had on these workers.

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